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MNO Grand River Métis Council Builds Bridges

MNO Grand River Métis Council taught Métis beading and  dot art to youth and seniors on Nov. 5.

Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Grand River Métis Council (GRMC) helped build bridges within the community by teaching Métis history, beading and dot art to seniors and youth on Nov. 5.

The workshop was part of the City of Waterloo learning program called Bridges, which offers intergenerational learning activities to promote sharing of knowledge, skills or life experiences. The activities are funded through a Government of Canada grant.

MNO citizen and Professor John Lewis identified this program as an ideal opportunity to introduce some of the history and art of the Métis. About 50 youth and seniors, from a wide range of backgrounds, came to listen to a presentation about Métis history delivered by MNO GRMC President Jennifer Parkinson and participate in the activities.

They also enjoyed a menu of pea soup and wild rice with cranberry made by Professor Lewis.

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