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Are you a Métis youth, woman or Two-Spirit experiencing violence or a Métis person concerned about violence in your community?


If you are, the Métis Nation of Ontario Métis Family Wellbeing (MNO MFWB) program wants to help.

The MNO MFWB Program set out to prevent and disrupt the cycle of violence against Métis women in your community by developing and providing resources and services that support women, children, and youth affected by violence. These services and activities are intended to reduce the need for children being taken into care by the Children's Aid Society and supporting families through the least disruptive means possible. 

Two-Pronged Approach

To accomplish the outlined goals, the Métis Family Wellbeing Program employs a two-pronged approach. First, it provides direct services to individuals who find themselves in high risk situations. These include:


  • support to youth involved in the court system

  • crisis intervention

  • advocating for, and supporting community members dealing with the Children's Aid Society

  • advocating for, and supporting community members experiencing issues with the education system

  • providing support to community members with mental health concerns

The Métis Family Wellbeing Program also supports Métis families by offering culturally based programming that facilitates cultural learning and knowledge exchanges. These activities will assist families to build self-esteem, self-awareness and self-confidence necessary to raise their children in a supporting and healthy environment while also providing children and youth with the same opportunities. The programming includes:


  • regular child/youth gatherings

  • family and community events

  • homework clubs, beading clubs, children/youth community kitchens

  • leadership training

  • access to cultural knowledge experts such as Métis Traditional Knowledge Holders

View the full Métis Family Wellbeing Program here: 

Program Description
GRMC's Métis Wellbeing Coordinator

Jessica Leiskau

493 Lancaster St. W.

Suite 201

Kitchener, ON

N2K 1L8

ROles and Responsibilities of program coordinators

Program Coordinators are responsible for the following three areas of activity:


  • Client-based activities: to support wellness planning, service coordination, advocacy and referrals to other service providers.  The MNO Health Access Tracking System is a tool the MNO uses to maintain important client information, track progress and report on outcomes.

  • Participant-based activities: to provide information to MNO citizens in group settings. This includes information sharing at local Métis Community Council events and other cultural celebrations. It also includes education activities designed to ensure Métis children, youth and families are engaged and empowered to choose healthy relationships and have an opportunity to grow-up in strong and stable families and communities.

  • Networking: to develop and maintain relationships with other community service providers. This collaboration is intended to expand the scope of services available to Métis children, youth and families. Establish and maintain healthy and supportive relationships with MNO Community Councils and citizens.

Roles and Responsibilities
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