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MNO & Government

Scroll below for links to other Metis Nation sites and contact information as well as other related and interesting links.

MNO & Government links

The Métis Nation of Ontario Website

613.798.1488 (telephone)
613.722.4225 (fax)

500 Old St.Patrick Street, Unit 3

Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 9G4

How to Apply for MNO Citizenship

Métis people who are citizens of Ontario can make an application for citizenship to the MNO.

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada

Métis Councils
Region 9 and other MNO Councils

MNO Oshawa and Durham Region Métis Council 


MNO Moon River Métis Council

The Moon River represents one of the main rivers running through our traditional territory and connects the Métis citizens of the islands and shores of Georgian Bay to those on the mainland. It also would have been a river that our ancestors used as one of their highways. On April 16, 2005, the Moon River Métis Council became the 32nd Council to sign a Charter with the Métis Nation of Ontario.

As of today the council consists of President Larry Duval, Chair Louise Goulding, Senator Verna Porter, Treasurer Lisa McCron, Women’s Representative Linda Harbridge, Youth Representative BJ Goulding, Councillor Dan Quesnelle, Councillor Tammy Porter. There are two vacant positions; that of Councillor and of Secretary. The Moon River Métis Council’s next election will be held Monday, December 7, 2009. According to Moon River’s Community Code, the mandate is now for 3 years.


MNO Credit River Métis Council 


Artists, Crafts & SWAG
Artists, crafts & swag
Birch Bark Canoes by Mahigan

Marcel Labelle is proud of his Metis heritage. His mother is Iroquois and French and his father is Algonquin and French. Marcel grew up in Northern Ontario and spent most of his childhood on the trap line. This is where he learned how to live with and from the forest. Today he builds traditional Birch Bark Canoes and demonstrates his craft at many venues. He also instructs a course in the Indigenous Studies field at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. He is supported by the Metis Nation of Ontario through their Training Initiatives Program. He is also the recipient of an 2008 OAC(Ontario Arts Council) Aboriginal Arts Projects grant towards Birch Bark Canoe Building. He received the highest individual amount for an OAC grant recipient Aboriginal Arts Project, 2009.


Rene Meshake

Ojibwe elder, visual and performing artist, award-winning author, storyteller, flute player, new media artist and a Recipient of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Education & Learning
education & learning
Learn Michif was an initiative by Jeff Ward of Animikii early in 2003. Jeff saw the need for on-line Michif language instruction and built a basic web page based on the existing body of work done by Norman Fleury, Peter Bakker, Heather Souter, Pemmican Publications, and many, many other people. It wasn’t until 2005 that he approached the British Columbia United Métis Youth Circle to partner and produce a website that would engage, educate and revive the Métis language. In 2006, the BCUMYC, Ry Moran & Jeff Ward put together a plan to take to the next level. Now in it’s 2nd year supported by the Department of Canadian Heritage’s “Canadian Culture Online” fund, LearnMichif enjoys an in-depth study of the Michif language including Michif video instruction, artist profiles and cultural information.

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