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Via Rail discount for MNO citizens

Via Rail station in London, Ont. (picture courtesy of Via Rail).

Via Rail continues to offer a 33 per cent discount to Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) citizens travelling in Economy, Business, Touring or Sleeper Plus classes. The discount does not apply to Via Rail’s Escape or Prestige fares.

Click here for information on the Via Rail Indigenous discount.

Instructions for Booking:

To access the discount, login or create a profile prior to booking. When booking a ticket, on the passenger information screen, select “Corporate Rate” as the discount type and use code 13299. No serial number is required. Passengers are required to show their MNO citizenship card on board (not required for children 15 years old and younger travelling with an adult who provides proof of citizenship).


The fare discount applies to Economy, Business, Touring or Sleeper Plus classes but does not apply to Sleeper Plus classes on Discount Tuesdays.

The fare does not apply to the Escape fare (the least expensive fare) or the Prestige fare.

Other booking classes might offer lower rates. VIA Rail recommends you check the different classes to ensure you pay the lowest fare possible for your travel needs.

For more information, visit

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