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Grand River Moccasin Workshops

Grand River Moccasin Workshops

Like other MNO chartered councils across Ontario, the MNO GRMC is firmly committed to building cultural awareness and skills for MNO citizens and their families. Accordingly, the Council held Moccasin Making Workshops both in Kitchener on June 3 and in Guelph on June 4. Holding workshops in two centres made participation more accessible for citizens from around the region.

Prior to the workshop, the instructor, Kathryn Edgecombe, had asked all participants to send her their foot measurements so she could cut pattern pieces for all attendees. At each workshop, she guided participants gently through the process of making their own moccasins.

Participants ranged in age from six to 70 and together they punched holes, threaded needles and sewed their moccasins together. There was such pride and joy at the end of each workshop when each person put on their new moccasins. One young participant refused to take her moccasins off and proudly announced that she had made them herself!

1st coffee get together Oct 2023

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