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Celebrating Canada 150 in Kitchener

Celebrating Canada 150 in Kitchener

The MNO GRMC participated in the City of Kitchener’s Canada 150 celebration. As part of the festivities Senator Carol Lévis led a crowd of children in playing “Pin the Sash on the Moose.” For four hours blindfolded children kept trying to get the sash on the moose. They all succeeded (with the help of Senator Lévis).

President Jennifer Parkinson and Councilor Alicia Hamilton kept the adventurous teens competing in a game of “Poison Circle.” These young competitors kept sending their friends over to learn the traditional game and challenge one another.

Treasurer Leslie Muma, Youth Representative Rebecca Leitch, and Councilor Pat St. John joined the fun at the Council’s cultural table where they provided information about Métis culture and history. They showed visitors furs, traps and sashes along with other items. Great questions were asked and many stories were told.

To help celebrate Canada 150, the MNO GRMC also gave out 175 small Métis flags while sharing the flag’s history. It was great to see all of our flags carried around with the Canadian flags. The wonderful day finished off with an exciting fireworks show. Happy Canada 150!

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